Captain John Dellinges
Truck 7- built by John Dellinges
Pictured above is mini truck seven 1/5 scale is shown here after leaving a parade, came upon a medical call (fall victim)) in Golden Gate Park. S..F.F.D. E-31 later arrived to give assistance.

Young Jeff Dellinges On Truck 7 a few years ago. Jeff now a Police Officer with San Mateo Police Department.

Capt. Dellinges climbing from roof ventiltion hole during overhaul of 2 alarm fire. Picture by Captain Mike Lawlor

John in tiller seat of SFFD 7 -Truck at training tower.

Front page article of Sutro Baths fire in June 1966. Firefighter Dellinges among those injured.

John in front of SFFD engine at training tower.

John Dellinges quite a few years ago, young boy in San Francisco

Truck 7 at Woodside Fire Department (public relations day)




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