Woodside Mini
Engine & Truck 7 

In 1974 Capt. John Dellinges constructed the 1/3 scale Hook and Ladder pictured below. Since then this truck has appeared in many publications and various city parades within the State of California.

Triple Combination Pumper

In April 1998 Capt. Dellinges began manufacturing this fire department pumper. The new mini pumper is nearing completion and it is estimated that well over $5000 has been spent on materials and over 350 man hours in labor.


The Pumper (Mini Engine 7) is scaled to 1/5 the size of a real fire engine. Both this engine and the truck will be used to promote the fire service to the general public.

Children in schools will be able to operate and play on these miniature apparatus and will also have the opportunity to get rides, hook up hose and spray water at miniature buildings.

The new triple will have 7 hose outlets of fire department discharges, 2-1/2, 1-1/2 and 1 inch hoses. The unit will provide a supply line from a hydrant to a drill area, with water coming into the pumper and charging all discharges for fire department excersises and demonstrations.

The pumper is equipped with a ladder, fire department tools, nozzles, axes, pike poles, lighting cords, extinguishers, red lights, siren and a 8 horse power electric start motor geared to 10 miles per hour. Top speed will be 25 miles per hour.




Redwood City Truck 9 and Mini T-7


RCFD T-9 - T-7

Truck-7 shown with members of Redwood Truck -9. Also shown senior Firefighter Spry, Paramedic Clem(tillermen), Paramedic Picchi and B/C Muela.

Rear of John's E-7 nearing completion - 7/18/98

This triple is equipped with a brass bell, 1 - 1/2" hose, ladders, fire department connections, gauges and plumbing that works up to 150 psi.

Officer Dellinges (john's son) with his dad's dog "Socks".


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